Johan Cruyff years at Barca, the player and coach, club excelled to next level

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Johan Cruyff is basically an icon as a player in football, but his time in management shows more titles in La Liga than as a player, winning just once in his years as a player, 1973-74. Cruyff lifted the European Cup once, and that was as coach, winning 1-0 v. Sampdoria at Wembley in 1992.

The players in that team with current manager at the club today Ronald Koeman in the team, another fantastic man of management Pep Guardiola also played his part in the final. Other majestic players were Michael Laudrup and Hristo Stoichcov.

Cruyff spend eight years at Barca as a manager, he trained players that later has become some of the best coaches in World football.

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The reason for Cruyff’s departure as a manager at Barca was due to health issues and a heart attack making a decision to step down in 1996. Sir Bobby Robson became the next man in charge, also letting Johan’s son Jordi leave and joining Man Utd.

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Cruyff had until his last day in management, borught home four La Liga titles, one Copa Del Rey title, winning the European Cup and the UEFA Cup in those years. Yet not being seen as the complete manager and a legend in the same way as he was as a player, since our generation new him so well from his playing days and how he just played football with an ease we have seldom seen.

Before his time in charge at Barca he did coach his native club Ajax also doing that job with style, but as we did see him as a player we cannot really make him up in our mind as the coach, still the player in those Ajax, Holland and Barca kits makes his memory clearly.

Johan Cruyff did return to football after stopping at the age of 31, he admitted it later that it was probably his biggest mistake as he soon returned, and made the numbers of legends even higher being part of the NASL and representing Los Angeles Aztecs and Washington Diplomates.

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His work in football is seen today and the way of his thinking is much mirrored by Pep Guardiola and other players that had the previlege to be coached by him.


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