CL blow v. Benfica, grim score at Estadio do Sport, more pressure on Koeman

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Ronald Koeman made a number of changes to the game v. Benfica and was trolled as his team stumbled and was defeated 3-0 at Estadio do Sport in Lisbon. The fact that a number of clear chances were missed made it a difficult day for the Dutch man in charge.

Two goals from Nunez and one from Rafa Silva was the difference between the two teams and of course a lot of people do not like this fall of Barca in the Champions League. To see Koeman getting it so difficult after a good 3-0 win v. Levante, and still unbeaten in La Liga makes it a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

The situation at the club is in a bit of limbo as a possible sacking of Ronald Koeman looks a bit difficult with the current cap on the club making new major manager targets being difficult to get in as the club at the moment looks a bit in limbo between two stages.

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Looking at the stats shows a bit of a different picture with Barca having 60% possession and probably not being able to convert all of their chances, being set to 12 / 8 and only one shot on target, which also shows that Benfica made the most of a game that Barca could have won with a bit more control.

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Next up for Barca will be an away fixture v. Atletico Madrid on Saturday 2nd of October and with a win in that game Koeman might get a bit of breath, and also coming home with a draw can be enough to just keep the public silent.

Some believe that Ronald Koeman is ready to step down as fast as a successor is found, but that could take a while as the situation at the club needs to be balanced, we just have to wait and see what happens and how the future will be, certainly not the greatest starts in that Barca Messi post era.

Messi himself scored his first goal for PSG in their 2-0 home win v. Man City. He looked fresh and up to the mark as his new clubs looks on their way to a very exciting season both in Ligue 1 and Europe.

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Hopefully the result at Benfica will give some new energy and really also be seeing Koeman taking out his best team and maybe Ansu Fati will be introduced from start and hopefully he can be the new sun in a team that really needs a shining star in there.


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