Barca draw v. Alaves, no progress yet without Koeman, will Xavi save the future!

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Barca did have a new man in charge with caretaker Sergi Barjuan leading the team at home v. Alaves. But so far nothing had changed as the game ended in a 1-1 draw, which of course is not good enough looking at this game with an eye not really looking at the struggles this club have at the moment.

Ronald Koeman left his job as Dutch national coach to take over a club that looked like moving forward in the right direction, but with the pandemic, financial difficulties and the move of Lionel Messi a massive transition of the club was needed. Koeman also had to see Antoine Griezmann also leave on loan to Atletico Madrid as also must be seen as a massive loss.

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Memphis Depay is the new star of the team and a number of the players that used to be the core of this football club are still around with Pique and Busquets coming to an age that would see them as senior members but still good enough to keep the club in the top end of the table, so far this season and after the Alaves game Barce is currently 9th far behind the three top teams Real Madrid, Real Sociedad and Sevilla. They are currently just two points above city neighbour Espanyol who are staying 11th.

The gap to the top teams are of concern with 8 points behind and on 16 points so far with the three leading teams adding up 24 so far. The lack of magic might be the easy and key reason for such a fall and not the manager in it self. Lionel Messi did influence this team in a way that other players just needed to adjust their game and play accordingly, at this moment no one has stepped up and closed the gap after Messi, and to be so dependant on one player will of course give this club a massive challenge going forward.

Without Koeman and caretaker Barjuan in charge we are just waiting for the obvious to happen and clearly the man to be calling on is former player legend Xavi currently in charge of Al Sadd, a club he has been with since leaving Barca in 2015. A player at first and from 2019 the manager of the Qatari top club. During the years Xavi has been with the club they have brought home ten different titles and latest winning the home league in 2020-21.

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This is a bit of a classic at the moment, looking at previous appointements of managers at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man Utd, bringing home a legend to sort out the problems and hopefully bring the fans to ground and unite around their former legend. This can of course be a costly affair as it short term looks like a brilliant idea, but long term give no special effect as former players does not have a special gift of saving a club from falling down.


Looking at it in perspective, Ronald Koeman was also a former great at Barca, he didn’t last long, but hopefully Xavi will be able to bring forward a positive belief that this major club can survive and stay in the top even without Lionel Messi, but again probably not the best of days to come back, but anyway who would not jump at the chance to become Barca manager.

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There are many big names of football that would jump at the chance of becoming the manager of this fantastic football club, and with that in mind, we do believe that Xavi would be an exciting appointment and of course short term becoming a huge boost for fans, players and staff, hopefully progress can be earned and a great future obtained.

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