Xavi appointed Barca manager as the club moves forward and hopefully into a bright future

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The days of Messi are gone, he will most certainly not return, and there is no point of return in this written scenario with young players ready to take the next step under Xavi as manager.

The appointment of their former greats is no surprise as the culture of the club is to look at former players as their possible targets as managers with Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola and Ronald Koeman as grand examples from the past.

So what will we see as Xavi takes over, a massive change, no. He will continue to play in the 4-3-3 system and keep the cultur alive, and hopefully bring in an element of understanding that we all believe will give the club a rise in performances.

You will see fans united and everyone looks positive to this move and it will also possibly keep a more calm approach that over time will give results but fans will probably understand it will take time and this season is gone if you are looking for trophies both in Europe and in La Liga.

Xavi has already put his stamp on the premises as 10 rules might be just the start of a regime that on the way will show how this will move the project forward and certain players will probably leave as they are not in line with the expected.

Should Barca be able to win anything then it’s a massive plus, what fans would like to see is progress and some positivity within the group that will be able to use and bring forward.

We all know the talent many of the players possess and it will of course be exciting to see how Ansu Fati, Gavi and Frenki de Jong will cope with their new manager and hopefully be there to fight for titles as the next season approach.

Barca is currently 9th in the table with a gap of 11 points up to Real Sociedad who are the leaders at this moment. Real Madrid are 2nd 10 points in front of Barca.

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Xavi comes to Barca with a massive amount of medals won as a player but also a winners medal as manager with Al Sadd. He has not stopped to win trophies and he loves to take them on board as he has done at his Qatar club. So could he go back there to find talent to bring to Barca as their squad looks a bit thin in certain areas.


The problem for Barca is not the first eleven as it is strong enough to compete at any level with anyone, but the depth of the squad could have been better and with a long season you always need more than eleven players.

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We do not know but it would be interesting to see how Baghdad Bounedjah would have done it under his former coach Xavi at Barcelona, if he would have fitted in, as he is known for scoring goals on a regular basis. So far 117 league goals in 103 games for Al Sadd. He has also an impressive tally at international level with 22 in 46 for Algeria.

Interesting days coming up as La Liga starts up again at the 20th of November seeing the derby game vs. Espanyol as the first event in the new era of Xavi.

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