Aguero ends career with his last and final goal scored against Real Madrid a tears farewell

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Sergio Aguero will not play professionally anymore, and did see an emotional farewell as the former Man City and Argentina internotional was advised not to continue after his heart condition said to be at risk if he continued playing.

Aguero made a point of his last goal scored as it was in the “El Classico”, and he had emotions towards such a grand end to so many goals and great happenings.

The start of his grand career and how we all remember it was of course his first appearances at European top level with Atletico Madrid and later moving to Manchester City were he became such an icon and also giving the old top club a trophy to celebrate after such a long wait, lifting the PL trophy after that fantastic 2012 season, winning it all on goal difference and of course that vital Aguero goal in the final game against QPR.

His tally of goals are phenomenal, counting up 184 goals in 275 league games, playing only four times for Barca and that one goal to count for, but of course a key memory for the player and everyone following the game as it will be iconic standing there for it self.

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Sergio Aguero played alongside Lionel Messi in so many games for Argentina, but the powerfull duo never experienced the thrill of winning the World Cup together, singling out an olympic gold medal as a good memory for the two.

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Argentina had a grand duo on top, know Lionel Messi will have to win the World Cup on his own without his best team mate in the team, Aguero stopping on 41 goals in 101 appearances for his country.

In six of his seasons with Manchester City Aguero scored 20 pluss goals making a tally of 26 as his best in the 2015/16 season, and not winning the title. He did lift the PL trophy five times which is really a grand achievement.

Sergio Aguero will be missed as we have said farewell to yet another grand players hanging up his boots, hopefully we will see him back in football again in another capacity.

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Sergio Aguero played his last game for Barcelona on the 30th of October against Alaves. 1-1 and a draw at home as this was to be the closure of a fantastic and top footballing career.

Great also to see that Pep Guardiola had taken his time to return to Barcelona for this very special press conference and farewell.


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