Barca are 7th and close to top four, transfer window option views, what will Xavi do?

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Barcelona are 7th in the table after 18 games played. The top fight can be forgotten, but at least to reach a top four position is in reach even a 3rd sport could possible.

Real Madrid looks dominant at the top with the Sevilla and Real Betis following without any hope of reaching the giant in front.

Ferran Torres has been added to the squad and the £46million move is allready confirmed. Other names in the hat and possible targets could be

Ousmana Dembele and Pilippe Coutinho are both seen as possible exit stories, but still it will take a lot of cash to bring in one of the two as their current deals at Barcelona are heavy financial burdens.

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Barcelona played Sevilla in their last match ending 1-1 so they are competitive with the better teams and we will see their progress hopefully happening in the last half of this season.

Europa League will hopefully be a place they can go all the way after slipping out on one of the two top spots in their Champions League qualifications. They will play Napoli in their opening fixture and not an easy game against one of the top teams of Serie A.

Alvaro Morata is a player that has been mentioned as a possible target and of course a grand signing if it becomes possible with Atletico Madrid said to be reluctant about the move, few turns down a chance to join icons of football.

To follow all movements and transfer talk for FC Barca, this is the site to follow.


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